Savant Home Automation Systems

The future has arrived with Savant’s smart technology that automates and connects our lives with our homes. Savant Pro is the modern, premium home automation system with a stylish design and intuitive and effortless controls. Kustom Theater Kreations is one of Savant’s trusted authorized integration partners, with years of experience installing custom Savant systems.

More About Savant Pro

The Savant Home:
whole-home systems customized for the way you live

Savant allows you to customize your home for the way you live – create experiences that reflect your personality, preferences, and pace of life. Control your lighting, thermostat, window coverings, security, entertainment, and more from a single, inuitive app.

Customize every aspect of your day; Savant Pro is customized for your unique home, with easy to use controls for all of your amenities.

Set the Mood: Savant Scenes

With Scenes, Savant easily transforms your home based on the mood and occasion. Tap “Cocktail Hour” to stream a playlist to your outdoor speakers and fade up the pool lights as day turns to night.

Customize music, lighting, and more to match any moment around your home.

Information and Control While You’re Away

When life takes you to far off places, maintain your peace of mind – Savant allows you to make sure everything at home is as it should be, and get notified if it isn’t. Control doors, entryways, gates, pool & spa, temperature, and more remotely.

Superior Home Control with the Savant Pro Remote

The Savant remote integrates with all of the devices you already have, and allows you to control your home. Preset “moments” on the remote so it remembers the conditions you prefer on specific occasions, like movie nights.

  • The Savant Remote works with the devices you already own to deliver a one-of-a-kind entertainment and automation experience.
  • Connects with over 380,000 entertainment devices.
  • Saves the most-viewed channels for easy access to your favorite shows.
  • Voice command recognition.
  • Individual profiles for each member of the family.
  • Easy to use touchscreen.

Savant Smartphone and Tablet App

The intuitive and easy Savant app is available on iOS and Android. View your whole home at a glance and use quick-access controls to make everything just the way you like it.

  • View your whole home at a glance.
  • Quick access controls.
  • Access to lighting, entertainment controls remotely.
  • Stream audio from your device to any room in your home.
  • Real time notifications.
  • Create personalized lighting and entertainment settings.
  • Individual profiles for each member of the family.
  • App and remote sync automatically for updates and changes.
  • Available for both iOS and Android.

Contact Kustom Theater today at 970-214-8597 or via our contact form to learn more about integrating Savant’s home automation solutions into your home and life.

Explore Savant Pro Features

Savant Lighting

In your Savant Home, the lighting is always perfect: never too bright and never too dark:

  • Control any light in the house from wherever you are
  • Save energy by setting your system to turn off lights in empty rooms
  • Schedule outdoor lights to turn on and welcome you home after work
  • Tap “Goodnight” to turn off your Savant Home with a touch

Savant Climate Control

It’s nice to live comfortably and your Savant Home makes sure that every room is always the temperature you desire:

  • Adjust the thermostat remotely so you’ll be comfortable when you get home
  • Schedule shades to close at mid-day for effortless energy efficiency
  • Set specific temperatures in different rooms to keep the whole family happy
  • Keep an eye on your vacation home with alerts about extreme cold or humidity

Savant Home Security

Savant Pro lets you rest easy, because the security of your home is always within reach via the easy to use Savant app:

  • Close the shades, lock the doors, and set the alarm even after you’ve left the house
  • Create different settings for a “lived-in” look to keep your home safe when you’re gone
  • Easily monitor your cameras to keep an eye on things from anywhere
  • Speak to people at the door, gate, or guesthouse using the intercom feature of our TrueControl App

Savant Entertainment

Whether you’re hosting a party or spending quality time with your family, Savant Pro lets you control all of your entertainment with a touch:

  • Customize a Sonos playlist to match the mood in any room
  • Stream HD video from Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu, and more—there’s always something on
  • Tap “Movie Night” to dim the lights, turn on the projector, and automatically recline your seats
  • Watch up to nine things at once on the big screen through our TrueControl App

Savant Music

With whole-house distribution and lossless audio options, Savant Music is ideal for both casual listeners and avid audiophiles:

  • Hear music as it’s meant to be heard. Enjoy instant access to your stored collection of high-fidelity content in the den, study, or even by the pool
  • Stream straight to any room, whole-home audio
  • Stream Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, and more; or call up a classic from your digital album collection
  • Add music from any service to a Savant scene and ensure the mood is just the way you want

Contact Kustom Theater today at 970-214-8597 or via our contact form to learn more about integrating Savant’s home automation solutions into your home and life.

Setup and Demo Video

See the set up of a system as well as a demo of how to use voice commands and scenes to personalize your home.